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Dev‑Ops for Start‑Ups

StartOps is a consulting firm that specializes in initializing a startup's DevOps practice.
Our team of seasoned professionals works closely with startups to understand their unique needs, and leverage modern cloud services to deliver customized solutions that empower them to succeed rapidly.

Startups are typically under-resourced, which can be advantageous from an agility perspective. However, this can also lead to a lack of necessary scaffolding to support rapid growth.

Cloud services are a game-changer for startups, and leveraging them correctly is crucial for a company's growth.

StartOps plant under construction

Agility means prioritizing delivering value

    Focus on highly managed services
  • Startups should prioritize services such as ECS / Cloud Run and GKE Autopilot, which are designed for easy management.
  • It's crucial to avoid more advanced patterns if there isn't sufficient support in place.
  • This may even mean forgoing tools like Terraform in the early stages!
    Automate high-frequency feedback loops
  • By automating critical processes, startups can reduce the risk of human error and streamline their operations.
  • This leads to faster feedback loops, which are vital for rapid iteration and growth.
    Plan for growth
  • As startups grow, they will need to evolve their DevOps practices to support their new needs.
  • Expert guidance is critical to reduce costly rework.
  • An example of this is setting up monitoring and log shipping early, so that historical data is available when needed later.
"The Preview and Deploy system that StartOps built allows us to deploy as soon as a feature is ready. That means I get to build fast and fix fast. That keeps my customers happy, and that keeps me happy."

— Kris Tryber, CEO